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Artists United (All 4-1 and 1-4 All)

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Introducing Kim Nicolaou

There are 100’eds of  ‘want to help’  Unsigned Artists URL’s covering any genre, category or style. They are all FREE to Register and upload your profile. Other services, like making contact, is another matter. No sooner do we register giving our info another such service ‘springs’ up. Just like mushrooms in a forest. Their service is just as their predecessors except now there is an added bonus to ‘entice’. Just like the supermarkets logo ‘buy one get one FREE’.

As I have said in my past Blogs, joining all these sites is like being the ‘lost tribes of Israel’ scattered and lost in the dessert looking for a ‘savoir’. Perhaps an A&R, Label executive, Agent, Scout or someone famous may spot us and offer a deal. A one in a million chance, considering there are over 5 million of us searching for the same savior, listed in the same places with the same people who are looking for the same thing.

Joe Public is NOT there. Joe Public searches for what’s new on YouTube then searches for how to get it, preferably for FREE. So, Joe Public would search for a torrent client or a P2P. Who knows an Unknown Artist? It’s time to give the Unknown, Semi-Pro, Indies and Independents their own P2P Evolution.

The best introduction system to meet ‘other’ professionals in my field has been LinkedIn (although there are many others), but even LinkedIn has to make money. To connect and get the ‘full service’ you gotta PAY! They have to make a living too, right? Servers, people, developers, ISP connections…. it’s not free. We all eventually have to make something to pay the rent and grab a burger at least! Even you, the Unsigned Unrecognized Artist needs to eat. If you sacrifice your food (amongst other things) you need some $$$ to pay for your recording, without that, how you gonna get listened?

So, in reality, unless you part with some dollars you’re back to square one. Some pay, most don’t. It depends what the asking price is for the service you want. It’s a democratic world and we all have choices. I won’t list who charges what as I am sure you all have an idea (if not look up my past posts).

What does Artists United Luke Music MP3 offer?

We offer the P2P Evolution!

1) Registration and Uploading a Profile is FREE!

2) Everyone is entitled to a FREE featured page created by us AFTER your Full Registration if you PROVIDE us 2-3 JPG’s (3MB quality with 1 Rectangle pic for Front page), short BIO/Info and a few mp3 samples of your work.

3) Everyone can INTERACT with EVERYONE and ANYONE, hence Artists United, for FREE!

4) Your music will be played on Artists United Radio and if you want to submit programs (if you are a DJ) for FREE!

5) Distribution (selling) your works:- Everyone charges ‘something’. Some more than others and if it’s free, I bet you bottom dollar there’s a catch somewhere.

This is where we use our P2P. The most powerful distribution system there is. To Register for Distribution and EARN from your works it is only $35.00 Dollars + Promotion on one of our 15 Sites. You chose the site. You can become an Affiliate for FREE and EARN your money back plus profit with 3 sales!

Most of you are giving your works for FREE anyway. Allowing your works to be ‘streamed’, played on YouTube without you EARNING what you are entitled to. We don’t agree with this, but hey, it’s a Democracy and you can do as you wish. Think. Do you see a Pro’ giving it for FREE. Do you think LadyGaga’s Label allows YouTube plays for FREE? Wake up!

The idea of ‘All 4-1 & 1-4 All’ works better because it’s put into one big pot and you’re ‘sharing’ as opposed to ‘giving it away’.

With Artists United Luke Music MP3 you can (if you gave it a chance) get DIRECT contacts, EXPOSE your works to over 15000 Registered users on the Lukep2p Network, have your works AIRED on Artists United Radio, get LINKED directly from us to your URL from YOUR featured page, get Publishing of your works regardless if you have been turned down!

So, imagine if we are 1000 strong and we ALL help one another in ‘clicks’, ‘Likes’ and so on, each of you could earn £111.00 ($182.00) in Royalties if you played the game like a Pro’. Think about it. It’s logical.

Contact me. SKYPE: Kim Nicolaou  Email:

Unsigned? Join The Pro’s

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As I have been saying. The Major Record Labels (including Biggy ones) are on the way out and the Music Industry, as we ‘oldies’ knew it, is a thing of the past. MySpace (now up for sale) and Reverbnation (2 biggies that are used by unsigned Artists) are really NOT a way to land a ”record deal”. Without repeating myself, but I guess I have to, they are just not the place to be ‘discovered’. So, where does that leave the Artists? Yes, you Dude and Dudettes!

Thanks to the Net it puts YOU in controll.

The Music Industry is now (and has been the last 5yrs) a Do-It-yourself. Artists buying Recording software as equal to major recording companies and the opportunities become endless. Of course not all end up being ‘brilliant’ producers as the machine cannot give you that. So, while the Biggies have been busy bickering And fighting over various ROYALTY and COPYRIGHT issues, it has left lots of side doors, windows and back doors wide open for young aspiring and in many cases, talented musicians to take the chance of ‘doing it for themselves’.

Doing it yourselves does NOT mean you are ‘By yourselves’. Replacing a ‘recording studio’ by using your home computer does NOT mean you have conqured the Music Industry. That’s why we are here to help you. No Record Label jargon and complicated issues with signing a 50 page contract. No Sir’ee.

As said, by me, again and again, Joe Public (your everyday consumer) is STARVING for NEW music, and YOU and I, with are gonna give it to them.

It’s such a challenge to survive trying to make money from something you love and the Record Labels turning you down. No more, people. No-one gets turned down at Artists United – Luke Music. No more X-Y-Z ‘Factors’ to get through. No more competitions to apply, pay the fee, compete and loose. There can only be ONE winner. With Artists United – Luke Music you’re ALWAYS a winner.

We will Promote and Distribute you World Wide. We have it covered no matter where you come from. Visit and chose where you want to be known. If you’re Swedish, then Sweden it is. If you’re English speaking maybe is for you. Or, why not all?

We are here to offer you the Exposure and Resources you need to make your ‘dream’ come true. We do all the work allowing you, the Artist, to continue ‘creating’ what you do best. With us, your Friends, Fans, Family will see you becoming ‘Stars’. We create the ‘demand’ for you on the Net and you will benefit proving to those who turned you down and had their doubts that they were WRONG!

The biggest stage ever created (platform) is LukeP2P that will put you infront of every Joe Public that has acces to the Net. It’s time you guys had your own Stage – Climb aboard and do your stuff.

I just want to say that although I am not in any competition to ”get” artists, I believe that I can help because I have been an ”Unknown” and then climbed learning all aspects of the industry whilst adapting and being ahead. I will ALWAYS look after and guide Artists that will be on my Label.

P2P, is the most powerful Distribution tool you’ll ever find, hence it’s ruthless attacks by Big Labels to shut this kind of system down. I see and understand their point but it is only because of their stubbornes to ”work” with it that creates the conflict.

There are many sites now ‘cashing’ in on Unsigned Artists by advertising the ‘usual’ catch slogans ”Free Registration”, of course, then if you ‘want…’, comes the ”PAY”. There is NOTHING on this planet, let alone on the Net for FREE. Absolutely Nothing. ”Free Download”, sure, you can download, it’s free, but once you got it and you ”WANT….” something from that download, you gotta PAY.

I don’t say Luke is FREE. It’s $30, but you get a hell of a lot for $30. A lot of connections and the main connections are the ”PUBLIC”. They are the ones that control your destiny. Google ” LukeP2P ” and see the connections;-)

New ways and Ideas of how to move on in the saturated Music Industry takes time to catch on. It will though. Some will see the logic and others will follow;-) Take a moment and do the maths, because 85% sounds like a BIG %, BUT, it’s ONLY 85% of 0.99cents, and YOU do the groundwork. Read on;- ” …….when you are an independent doing your own marketing and publicity, you can send your customers anywhere you please……when you can make MORE than double the royalties at…….” So, YOU are going to send YOUR fans/Customers to the Link to …. We, LINK YOUR URL, so we SEND them to YOU! People READ and SEE what you do, they acquire the Luke software from YOUR site for them to be able to acquire YOUR songs and YOU get 40% from that, which is $12.00! Sure beats 0.84cents….. and that’s ONE transaction. If you believe in yourselves that much and you can get 10 people to download and acquire your works, you will make $120!

Get Signed Today – Join The Pro’s

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Unsigned Bands, Indie bands, Solo Artists, Groups of all Genere’s, listen up;-)

Take a look around you &  see what you can learn (if you want to) from the marketing techniques employed by the world’s biggest pop stars (Bieber & GaGa, an over-the-top copy paste of Madonna without the talent). You’re thinking ”Well dude, she’s a sell-out”, or you’re into Rock & HATE pop music, then I can say to you that you ought to pack up & go home. The music Biz is NOT for you. You have just CLOSED the doors & lost any possibilities of getting your foot in the door.

As I keep saying, while so many independent (UNSIGNED) bands are still WASTING their precious time spamming potential FANS on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation, FANS which do not exist there, your ‘Lady GaGas’ are getting more & more EXPOSURE with CONTROVERSY. It don’t matter if  you think her new single “Judas” is catchy or you think she is the Devil. It comes under the opinion category. What you need to realise at the end of the day, when it comes to PROMOTING herself & her  music – does it work?

Regardless whether you are a pop music dude or not or you agree with what Lady GaGa is doing. It works. Today, due to the power of the net, if you strike where the ”masses” are, it will pay off. The ”masses” are at P2P Networks. Anyone can upload media on innumerable sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, anyone can get a reaction. Example, young girl who has generated over 1,000,000 views with her “Lady GaGa’s Judas is evil” YouTube post. Who do you think this is helping? You got that right = Lady GaGa. Since this girl is ACTING ALONE, she has no products to sell and no blog to sell them through, this just feeds the GaGa machine.

If she was my Artists & she was ‘United’ with other Artists, we would be EARNING a few DOLLARS from ROYALTIES;-)

Have you not noticed lately on YouTube that pop videos from the Pro’s are getting less & are now uploaded via their perspective Label?

I OFFER you something REAL. P2P, is real. P2P is visited & SOUGHT by MILLIONS of people to do what you are TRYING to do through MySpace, Reverbnation, Facebook & so on. Are you making MONEY by your friends clicking on the ”LIKE” button? Are you getting OFFERS from respected Labels? Shit, no. You are just amongst the SAME kinda PEOPLE who are SEEKING the SAME thing YOU are! So, you think your gonna sell or get noticed by ANOTHER fellow ARTIST?. Selling a T-Shirt or other Merchandise some people have convinced you to buy & part with your money, is gonna get you noticed? Hello! Merchandise comes AFTER you make it. Not before. Before, it’s the music.

Labels do not give out Promo Music anymore or INVEST in an UNKNOWN  Band/Artists. In fact some are not even releasing until their Artists gets loads of Air play & Net hits.They wait to see if there is sufficient HITS or DOWNLOADS or CONTROVERSY surrounding such Artists BEFORE they get INVOLVED.

It don’t mean that if you are a folk band that plays pleasant music, you ought to start writing a concept album inspired by…… Play what fits. But Dudes & Dudettes, please, open your minds and STOP spamming people on social networks & GIVING your TALENT for FREE. Your EMPTY pockets & the long awaited non-existent contract, plus the solid research, has shown that these methods are ineffective. You’re going to need to ”get together”, have ONE voice, real, even though Virtual, management, production & real press to gain footing in the industry.

If you got what it takes, I’ll tell you & I’ll HELP you. I would NOT waste my time if there is NOTHING there. I am not your Friend, Brother, Sister, Mom or girlfriend in this hard world of the Music Industry. I will NOT click on your ”LIKE” button. Waste of time & ENERGY that could be used to move on.

Use your NEXT 3 CLICKS wisely. Get in-touch with me. Get a REAL deal;-)

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