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From Demo to Platinum Sales Part 1

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Step 1 What’s a Demo

A demo can be in the form (MP3, CD, DVD, film or vinyl) as long as it demonstrates your talent. The demo will enable the listener (a manager, publisher or record company executive) to make an informed decision as to whether they want to become involved in you musical career.As mentioned in a previous Blog I said that Company Executives (A&R) are now very rare. Bottom line is that a Demo is essential unless you get spotted at some Karaoke or you invite an A&R at your next gig (if he/she turns up).

Before doing a demo you should consider if you are REALLY ready to approach companies, demonstrate a good local following (discounting your friends and family) & do you get lots of hits on your website?

If you feel you got the above sorted then your Demo should be on a CD or MP3. Don’t go & spend a Fortune on it. Talk to someone who knows & save Money & time. Put you strongest song first – remember these people get thousands of demos so you need to grab their attention from the beginning. Common sense that the recording must be GREAT (quality wise) & that you ensure your tracks are self-explanatory – you won’t be able to sit there and give a commentary when the demo is being listened to.

Remember the Beatles, Rolling Stones & even Deep Purple had their fair share of being turned down. Thanks to the open minded visionary George Martin that we have the Beatles. Also bear in mind success doesn’t come overnight; David Bowie took 6 years to get in the charts from his 1st release ‘Space Odyssey”.

Here is a Sample of a Demo given to me by a VERY DIFFICULT band to record & what happened after I Produced it. This track made it to the 18th position in Sweden. PART 2 of MAKING it in the Music Biz in a FEW DAYS. Any questions, get in touch;-)

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