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Let’s ‘CHANGE’ the ‘Status Quo’

Posted in Artists United - Luke Music, Music Industry on December 22, 2011 by Kim Nicolaou

Clearly, I do NOT mean to change one of my favorite Rock Bands, even though they became to be known as the ‘3 chord’ Rock Kings of all time!

Let’s change the ‘Status Quo‘ of the decaying, dying and continuous ‘looped’ Music Industry. It’s possible and very easy. What is a Record Label? For sure it’s not what it used to be. The trend now is the reality shows (far from it really) ‘American, Greek, English, Russian… Idol’, XYZ ‘Factors’ and whatever ‘competition’ is created by the Media to get the ‘Artist Masses’ to compete with each other. It goes on for weeks/months of ‘degrading’ the Artists that obviously will not get to be the winner! There can only be one winner. What happens to all the other 1000’sands that don’t make it? Some keep trying, for they believe and others go into depression because they were told in front of millions of viewers that they were useless and have no talent. So, in reality, a record label today, basically, waits until an Unknown Artist creates an ‘interest’ and then, maybe, they will show interest.

I will not repeat pages and pages of other posts I have written on getting signed for it’s easier for you to check it out here and recent posts.

Artists United – Luke Music (until you get a better deal), is and can be YOUR label using this formula.

The ARTIST is ‘YOU’ whilst Artists United is ‘US’ and Joe Public is ‘THEM’. Simply, without THEM, labels, shops, internet and just about anybody who is selling ‘something’ cannot run a business. YOU need THEM at your ‘Unknown & Unsigned’ stage in life because without THEM, YOU, cannot create an interest for the labels to ‘notice’ you. We, Artists United, will direct ‘THEM’ to your Site. How? We have over 15000 registered users, over 350 Affiliates and 1000’sands of links (Google LukeP2P). We have what ‘Joe Public’ seeks. We are EVERY RECORD LABEL’S NIGHTMARE – OUR VERY OWN ”Peer-To-Peer” Software, ‘LukeP2P’. We are your ‘bridge’ to ‘THEM’.

So, imagine if we are 1000 strong and we ALL help one another in ‘clicks’, ‘Likes’ and so on, just as some do now WITHOUT gain except for the click! With Publishing, each of you could earn 40/50% of £111.00 ($182.00) in Royalties if you played the game like a Pro’. Think about it. It’s logical.

Join Artists United – Luke Music and ‘change’ the ‘Status Quo’. Be different. Don’t be scattered by joining 100’eds of sites that make promises & give you guarantees they can’t keep. Sites that are ‘just’ there with no human contact when you need one. Sites that are 99% of your own kind, seeking what you seek. Free to join of course but when you want a ‘service’ you gotta pay. Join a site/label that is sought by ‘THEM’, Joe Public. They are your bridge to your ‘existence’ and ‘making’ it. They will help put bread on your table leaving you free to pursue your talent whilst creating the demand that will make the Major Labels notice. (If you EVER need them).

You can continue to GIVE YOUR MUSIC FOR FREE (bad choice but it’s your choice, Respect. OR, join us and get ”something” as opposed to ‘NOTHING’).

Artists United – Luke music is FREE to join, but, if you want ‘Promotion’, contacts and the connecting LukeP2P software, it costs $35.00

At the end of the day, if you have spent at least a Thousand Dollars on a recording and some…. and you don’t have $35 (PER YEAR) left for Marketing, Promotion and Exposure, including your music being shoulder to shoulder with the Pro’s, it leaves me speechless. Just move on and continue to link your ‘stuff’ to YOUR friends, Mom, Uncle and such saying ”Please go Click ”LIKE” (as if that will PUT BREAD on your table or EVEN get an A&R to notice).

If any Management, Indie Label or Publisher are interested in HOW this system can work – Get In Touch. This can and will be the NEW Music Industry WITHIN the Music Industry. It’s a matter of time. Have a nice day.

Artists United (All 4-1 and 1-4 All)

Posted in Artists United - Luke Music, Music Industry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on August 21, 2011 by Kim Nicolaou

Introducing Kim Nicolaou

There are 100’eds of  ‘want to help’  Unsigned Artists URL’s covering any genre, category or style. They are all FREE to Register and upload your profile. Other services, like making contact, is another matter. No sooner do we register giving our info another such service ‘springs’ up. Just like mushrooms in a forest. Their service is just as their predecessors except now there is an added bonus to ‘entice’. Just like the supermarkets logo ‘buy one get one FREE’.

As I have said in my past Blogs, joining all these sites is like being the ‘lost tribes of Israel’ scattered and lost in the dessert looking for a ‘savoir’. Perhaps an A&R, Label executive, Agent, Scout or someone famous may spot us and offer a deal. A one in a million chance, considering there are over 5 million of us searching for the same savior, listed in the same places with the same people who are looking for the same thing.

Joe Public is NOT there. Joe Public searches for what’s new on YouTube then searches for how to get it, preferably for FREE. So, Joe Public would search for a torrent client or a P2P. Who knows an Unknown Artist? It’s time to give the Unknown, Semi-Pro, Indies and Independents their own P2P Evolution.

The best introduction system to meet ‘other’ professionals in my field has been LinkedIn (although there are many others), but even LinkedIn has to make money. To connect and get the ‘full service’ you gotta PAY! They have to make a living too, right? Servers, people, developers, ISP connections…. it’s not free. We all eventually have to make something to pay the rent and grab a burger at least! Even you, the Unsigned Unrecognized Artist needs to eat. If you sacrifice your food (amongst other things) you need some $$$ to pay for your recording, without that, how you gonna get listened?

So, in reality, unless you part with some dollars you’re back to square one. Some pay, most don’t. It depends what the asking price is for the service you want. It’s a democratic world and we all have choices. I won’t list who charges what as I am sure you all have an idea (if not look up my past posts).

What does Artists United Luke Music MP3 offer?

We offer the P2P Evolution!

1) Registration and Uploading a Profile is FREE!

2) Everyone is entitled to a FREE featured page created by us AFTER your Full Registration if you PROVIDE us 2-3 JPG’s (3MB quality with 1 Rectangle pic for Front page), short BIO/Info and a few mp3 samples of your work.

3) Everyone can INTERACT with EVERYONE and ANYONE, hence Artists United, for FREE!

4) Your music will be played on Artists United Radio and if you want to submit programs (if you are a DJ) for FREE!

5) Distribution (selling) your works:- Everyone charges ‘something’. Some more than others and if it’s free, I bet you bottom dollar there’s a catch somewhere.

This is where we use our P2P. The most powerful distribution system there is. To Register for Distribution and EARN from your works it is only $35.00 Dollars + Promotion on one of our 15 Sites. You chose the site. You can become an Affiliate for FREE and EARN your money back plus profit with 3 sales!

Most of you are giving your works for FREE anyway. Allowing your works to be ‘streamed’, played on YouTube without you EARNING what you are entitled to. We don’t agree with this, but hey, it’s a Democracy and you can do as you wish. Think. Do you see a Pro’ giving it for FREE. Do you think LadyGaga’s Label allows YouTube plays for FREE? Wake up!

The idea of ‘All 4-1 & 1-4 All’ works better because it’s put into one big pot and you’re ‘sharing’ as opposed to ‘giving it away’.

With Artists United Luke Music MP3 you can (if you gave it a chance) get DIRECT contacts, EXPOSE your works to over 15000 Registered users on the Lukep2p Network, have your works AIRED on Artists United Radio, get LINKED directly from us to your URL from YOUR featured page, get Publishing of your works regardless if you have been turned down!

So, imagine if we are 1000 strong and we ALL help one another in ‘clicks’, ‘Likes’ and so on, each of you could earn £111.00 ($182.00) in Royalties if you played the game like a Pro’. Think about it. It’s logical.

Contact me. SKYPE: Kim Nicolaou  Email:

Artists United = Together

Posted in Artists United - Luke Music, Music Industry with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , on July 31, 2011 by Kim Nicolaou

Makin’ Money in the Music Industry is EASY! Coming ‘Together’ to cash in on it, is the hardest part. Why do we always need a Tragedy to ‘get together’? Let’s Come Together now. There are more Unsigned Artists on the planet than signed. There are more Facebook accounts of  Unsigned Artists, not to mention MySpace, reverbnation and a 100 others that such Artists go and register ” in the hope that… some label will notice”.  Take a look at Why? Because we have, and can provide the tools that can show you the road to earning ‘something’ as opposed to ‘nothing’.

Recently I was directed to a band that had 22K (thousand) plays. Their music (most tracks) were DOWNLOADABLE for FREE and the ones that just played, well, anyone could have digitally ripped them off! So, where is the money? Show me the money!

There are Indie Labels and Management in their thousands (let’s take 5K each as an example). If we presume each management and Indie label have 5 Artists each, that’s 50K Artists. So 5k (indie) + 5k (man)=10K Industry Pro’s. 10K  Industry Pro’s with 50K Artists and If each Artist had an Album (about 10 tracks), it comes to 500,000!

That is a lotta music that can generate interest and money for THE ARTIST as well as…. At the moment, like I said in a previous blog, the situation on the net is like being one of the 12 Tribes of Israel, lost and scattered all over.

I-tunes, is a winner here. But most of i-tunes sales are the Top names in the Industry. Who will find the Unknown amongst all the known popular Artists? I’m saying, let’s have our own big mother warehouse where Joe Public will know that we are all in the same place. Let’s not be too proud with our Unknown material and charge what the Pro’s charge. Let us create our own Unsigned Artists, Artists United Music Industry.

Who will control the money? That’s easy. The ‘come together‘ is the difficult part.

So, to sum up, read the Royalty paragraph and see how much money you are NOT EARNING!

The UK performing and mechanical rights society (PRS for Music) has an on-demand streaming rate of £0.00085 per track – meaning that a track played a million times in the UK earns £850 in royalty payments. Whereas GEMA (the German collecting society) have a standard royalty rate of €0.1278 (£0.11) – so, the same track streamed a million times in Germany brings in £110,000 in royalty payments – or, straight to the point, about 130 times more than in the UK.

We can offer Publishing within joining Register for FREE and use our many Social Networks to promote yourselves. To be on the Pro level, you will need the software. Any questions, just Ask!

By the way, this is not an overnight success deal, but it’s possible to start seeing money within 6 months. If I can get Independent and indie Labels with a few Management companies for sure this will take off within a month. Joe Public likes a ‘win win’ situation. If you think of it logically it can work for all parties concerned.

Join – New, but Mature with No-Monkey business.

Like I said, only in ‘Coming Together’.

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