All 4-1 and 1-4 All

Question – Would you rather 1) Go into a Studio, Record a song, Record a Video, Release it VIA Luke Music and earn GOOD money or 2) Go into a Studio, Record a song, Record a Video, upload it on Youtube (get a few Clicks/Views from family & friends) so that peeps can download it and convert it into an mp3 for FREE?” Quote/Unquote CEO BopTunez

If your choice is 2 – YOU got it bad. I am not your Friend, Brother, Sister, Mom or girlfriend in this hard world of the Music Industry. I will NOT click on your ”LIKE” button and be part of a circle without end and hope in sight.

The trend for Unsigned Artists is MySpace (overcrowded & now SOLD – I was saying it would be from last year!), Reverbnation (also crowded & more clicks than needed to do what you want), Soundcloud plus many more sites with keyword listings of ‘Unsinged Artists, Band, Group’. All good and helping somewhat, but for you, the Unsigned, it is like being in one of the 12 Tribes of Israel – Scattered in the dessert, searching Individually for something to ‘sweep you off your feet’. The ‘wow’.

Instead of placing your music/videos, on all the above and being ‘scattered’ all over the NET, why not put it all in ‘ONE’ place. One big ‘POT’. Centralize it all. You, your friends and ‘Joe Public’ will have access, not only to your music but to millions of others. You will be able to check out and Download your favourites plus other Unsigned fellow Artists and THEY, YOURS.
Why and Because that is where ‘Joe Public’ goes in search for NEW/OLD and UNKNOWN music and Videos.

How can ANYONE find YOU if YOU ARE an UNKNOWN? Try it. Go to an Unknown Artist URL and search. What and WHO are you looking for? In all fareness, you don’t know. You know of the well known Artists – we all do. Be honest, scattered and isolated all over the NET is not the way to go. We, at Artists United – Luke Music, got it covered. We have solved the SEARCH problem. To give YOU or ANY Professional Music Industry EXPERT an idea, take a few minutes and see this clip We will help you by wording the properties of your Sound File and NOT ONLY. We will fill all the necessary info that is vital for you to be found. Mingle with the Professionals and get noticed.
Don’t be ‘scattered’ all over the place as ‘individualls’. Join us as ‘ONE’, because you are all in search for the same goal. To be found, noticed, get heard, apreciated, get a ‘deal’ and make some money in the process. Joe Public SEARCHED in their millions and Downloaded from such Giants as Napster (now a Pay as you go), Kazzaa (Closed down by USA), Grogster (closed down by USA), Limewire (closed down by USA) and last but not least PirateBay (closed down by USA). WHY? Because they were POPULAR and Joe Public downloaded such P2P’s in the Millions.
Imagine, you, the UNSIGNED Artist, joined and belonged exclusively to such P2P Power. Put all your works (unlimited) into one Big Pot. Concentrate and direct all the search engine energy to one place. P2P is the most POWERFUL media PROVIDER on the NET. It is ‘Joe Public’s’ life line to Media Files. P2P is your path to ‘Joe Public’. It’s Global with no language barriers. Caters for any ETHNIC Artists or otherwise.
In truth, with the above mentioned systems, YOU are doing all the work. YOU do your page on sites that provide you the facility to do it for FREE. Why? Because they ‘Love’ you? They are a ‘charity’? Shit, NO. Because YOU will DIRECT traffic to the site that will become popular and THEY will get advertising amongst other things out of it. After you create the page, YOU, upload your pics and MP3’s. Then YOU, must push for your friends, fans, family and such to go there in the hope that they will eventually buy your song/s. If they do, they have to be directed to ‘another‘ page and yet another till the deal is done, thus splitting your low % of mere cents even lower because 3rd parties will get a cut. Notice the prices they charge for an album (average 10 songs) and my God, a single ($9.99) per.
With LukeMusicMP3, you don’t need to do all the work, as you do with the above sites, including sending your people in the hope they will buy your works by ‘clicking‘ yet again to go to the download site where you will share the such small % you get with 3rd & 4th parties.

With us, you provide your Bio, few JPG’s, UNLIMITED MP3’s and your ‘consent’ to ‘act’ on your behalf. We will ‘send‘ traffic (Joe Public), other Artists and Music Industry Professionals to YOUR site. We will get you noticed, recognition, perhaps a ‘deal’ with our connections and help you sell your TALENT DIRECT from your URL. How? A cookie is placed on your page and if someone decides they want your music and purchase the ‘Luke software connect‘ from your URL, you will receive $12 minimum. It’s a lot more than anywhere else. If you don’t believe 10 people will want to buy your music, then you don’t have much faith in your talent. Labels won’t even reply to an email or bother with you if they believed you CANNOT SELL less than 20,000 units to begin with. If you think you can’t get 5/10 fans to buy your music , then you ought to call it a day!

Most, if not all sites offering ‘FREE to Register’ (man that’s a misleading phrase if ever I heard one – and it SUCKS!), which innocently you do (Register), then move on to ‘claim’ what they offered you, charge. Nothing is for FREE. If it is, there’s a ‘catch’ or the service is just like some Labels do when they sign an Artist for ‘Tax’ loss. They keep you tied up for their benefit. Even SoundCloud charges $29 if your music exceeds an HOUR of their space. I know. It’s fair. It’s a business.

Think! On MySpace, YOU SHARE/STREAM, on Reverbnation, YOU SHARE/STREAM, on Soundcloud, YOU SHARE/STREAM/FREE DOWNLOAD and YOU do this to all Social Networks, including Facebook, YouTube and a hundred more! We are NOT saying DON’T SHARE, but since you are SHARING for FREE (= ZERO $), you might as well SHARE on the Luke Network (everyone in one big pot) and in the process EARN a few $. It’s a lot better than ZERO.

Artists United – Luke Music can be like YOUR ‘own’ business. YOU are in control.

We charge $30 for your Luke Software connection, which includes immedeate PROMOTION and EXPOSURE on ONE of our 15 URL’s of your choice, giving you access to Unlimited Media on the LukeP2P Network ( Additional URL Promotion/Exposure is $5 or $50 for ALL the Network (including your LUKE SOFTWARE)
It doesn’t END there. We will promote you via YouTube and other such sites leaving you FREE to further your TALENT.
LukeMusicMP3 is NEW. Part of the LukeP2P Network, Luke Music was specially created for Unsigned Artists. Like all NEW things ‘Someone Somewhere‘ has to be a FIRST. It requires a little bit of reading to ‘understand’ this NEW baby on the NET, but it’s worth it.

At the end of the day, if you have spent at least a Thousand Dollars on a recording and some…. and you don’t have $35 (PER YEAR) left for Marketing, Promotion and Exposure, including your music being shoulder to shoulder with the Pro’s, leaves me speechless.

If any ManagementIndie Label or Publisher are interested in HOW this system can work – Get In Touch. This can and will be the NEW Music Industry WITHIN the Music Industry.


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  1. Great read Kim! Really informative and absolutely true and honest about the music industry nowadays!

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