Get Signed Today – Join The Pro’s

Unsigned Bands, Indie bands, Solo Artists, Groups of all Genere’s, listen up;-)

Take a look around you &  see what you can learn (if you want to) from the marketing techniques employed by the world’s biggest pop stars (Bieber & GaGa, an over-the-top copy paste of Madonna without the talent). You’re thinking ”Well dude, she’s a sell-out”, or you’re into Rock & HATE pop music, then I can say to you that you ought to pack up & go home. The music Biz is NOT for you. You have just CLOSED the doors & lost any possibilities of getting your foot in the door.

As I keep saying, while so many independent (UNSIGNED) bands are still WASTING their precious time spamming potential FANS on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter and Reverbnation, FANS which do not exist there, your ‘Lady GaGas’ are getting more & more EXPOSURE with CONTROVERSY. It don’t matter if  you think her new single “Judas” is catchy or you think she is the Devil. It comes under the opinion category. What you need to realise at the end of the day, when it comes to PROMOTING herself & her  music – does it work?

Regardless whether you are a pop music dude or not or you agree with what Lady GaGa is doing. It works. Today, due to the power of the net, if you strike where the ”masses” are, it will pay off. The ”masses” are at P2P Networks. Anyone can upload media on innumerable sites such as YouTube and Vimeo, anyone can get a reaction. Example, young girl who has generated over 1,000,000 views with her “Lady GaGa’s Judas is evil” YouTube post. Who do you think this is helping? You got that right = Lady GaGa. Since this girl is ACTING ALONE, she has no products to sell and no blog to sell them through, this just feeds the GaGa machine.

If she was my Artists & she was ‘United’ with other Artists, we would be EARNING a few DOLLARS from ROYALTIES;-)

Have you not noticed lately on YouTube that pop videos from the Pro’s are getting less & are now uploaded via their perspective Label?

I OFFER you something REAL. P2P, is real. P2P is visited & SOUGHT by MILLIONS of people to do what you are TRYING to do through MySpace, Reverbnation, Facebook & so on. Are you making MONEY by your friends clicking on the ”LIKE” button? Are you getting OFFERS from respected Labels? Shit, no. You are just amongst the SAME kinda PEOPLE who are SEEKING the SAME thing YOU are! So, you think your gonna sell or get noticed by ANOTHER fellow ARTIST?. Selling a T-Shirt or other Merchandise some people have convinced you to buy & part with your money, is gonna get you noticed? Hello! Merchandise comes AFTER you make it. Not before. Before, it’s the music.

Labels do not give out Promo Music anymore or INVEST in an UNKNOWN  Band/Artists. In fact some are not even releasing until their Artists gets loads of Air play & Net hits.They wait to see if there is sufficient HITS or DOWNLOADS or CONTROVERSY surrounding such Artists BEFORE they get INVOLVED.

It don’t mean that if you are a folk band that plays pleasant music, you ought to start writing a concept album inspired by…… Play what fits. But Dudes & Dudettes, please, open your minds and STOP spamming people on social networks & GIVING your TALENT for FREE. Your EMPTY pockets & the long awaited non-existent contract, plus the solid research, has shown that these methods are ineffective. You’re going to need to ”get together”, have ONE voice, real, even though Virtual, management, production & real press to gain footing in the industry.

If you got what it takes, I’ll tell you & I’ll HELP you. I would NOT waste my time if there is NOTHING there. I am not your Friend, Brother, Sister, Mom or girlfriend in this hard world of the Music Industry. I will NOT click on your ”LIKE” button. Waste of time & ENERGY that could be used to move on.

Use your NEXT 3 CLICKS wisely. Get in-touch with me. Get a REAL deal;-)

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